Thursday, December 22, 2005

Outraged outcasts

Check out this article.

"Fischer and his group have pledged to help some 400 boys ages 13 to 21 who have been banished or excommunicated from the FLDS for such "sins" as talking to girls or watching movies."

I've seen many boys kicked out of yeshiva for the same "sins."

"'Colors and design of dress are dictated,' he said. 'Hairstyles are dictated. All are to wear long underwear from wrist to ankles, even in extreme heat.'"

Sounds like any chasidish yeshiva, boy's or girl's.

"From the time children are born, they are brainwashed, he said. Home schooling leaves out world and American history, and most sciences are outlawed."

Yeshivas censor Jewish history and evolution is outlawed.

"Children are taught that God ordained blacks to be slaves ..."

They're from Cham, and the Torah says that they are to be slaves. That's what I was told in yeshiva, anyway.

"...and Jews were meant to be punished for killing Christ."

The goyim are meant to be punished for turning down the Torah.

"Law enforcement also is part of the problem. Police in the border towns often take orders from Jeffs, and through local justice courts have prosecuted and levied huge fines on boys charged with such 'crimes' as indecent exposure for rolling up their sleeves."

In Meah Shearim they throw stones at women for that.

"Getting thrown out of the church meant no one, not even his family, was allowed to talk to him."

How is that different than sitting shiva for a child that leaves the cult?

Backward belief

I was at a sheva brochos last night, where a reasonably intelligent girl told me that the Bermuda Triangle exists as a real phenomenon. I told her she was wrong, and she countered that Rashi said so (as if that's a valid argument). I told her Rashi was wrong. She got flustered and said, "You think you know more science than Rashi?" I said, "Yes, I even know more than Newton and Aristotle. Such is the privilege of living after them. Science is cumulative, and I live later." She said, "Not true, before Noach, they had very advanced technology, but it got wiped out." I dropped it.

"[...] to argue with a man who has renounced his reason is like giving medicine to the dead." --Robert Ingersoll, Ingersoll's Works, Vol. 1, p.127

Libelous label

What I meant being a skeptic is, that I was questioning if what I was taught is true or not. Is there a god or not did he give the torah at har sinei or not. Till I was not absolutely sure one way or another I wasn't going to do anything that is against the torah.

That's backwards. Until you are sure that it did happen, why bother with all the rituals? Do you do Catholic rituals, just in case they are right? By your reversed logic, you have to practice every single religion, winnowing them down by disproof one by one.

To me not being a skeptic in god means that you are absolutely sure with your believes. You certainly portray it that way, now I am convinced as well that you are firm with your believes.

That is not what it means to be a skeptic. True, a skeptic can be very confident in a belief (e.g. there are no psychics, astrology is bs, etc.), but that's not what makes a person a skeptic. Please reread these two posts and these two wikipedia entries.

If you are right and skeptic doesn't mean that, ok so let's call what I meant barararahfgfhfh but to make it easier to understand will use the word skeptic ok? Or give me any other word that I could use. you knew what i meant. right?

The word is: sucker. Why would you throw your life away on something that is contrary to all evidence, just in case it's right? If I told you that you have to give me $20 every morning, or your heart will stop beating, would you give it to me? You know that's it's contrary to evidence, but you'd pay me just because I might not be lying?

The claims of Judaism are totally contrary to the evidence. If you choose to follow them, I'll say, "Pay up, sucker."

Different divinations

Wahoo!! Break out the tarot cards and Ouiji boards!! Where do I sign up??!!----NOT!!!

Ouiji boards? This is Judaism; we call it Urim V'Tumim.

Just one of ours in a very long list of worthless divination beliefs.

Lonely among lunatics

I swear Doc, I'm the only sane one. It's the rest of them that are all nuts!

When you're stuck in a cult, that's not far from the truth.

This past shabbos, I was at an affair. Someone gave a speech lauding pashas re'ay's orders to kill everyone in a city that adopts different religious practices. He criticized "liberals" for thinking they know better than the Torah about morality, and that it was totally moral to murder men, women and children over religious differences, so long as you're following orders from above. I had to resist throwing my food at the ayatolla, but everyone else was smiling and nodding.

So, yes, very often, I'm the only sane person in the room.